Floods and stormwater runoff may occasionally occur which exceeds the capacity of the system. This chapter does not imply nor create a duty on the city to insure that property subject to fees and charges established herein will always be free from flooding or flood damage, or that stormwater systems capable of handling all storm events can be cost effectively constructed, operated, or maintained. Nor shall this chapter create a liability on the part of, or cause of action against, the city, or any of their elected officials, officers, or employees for any flood damage or any damage that may result from storms or runoff thereof.
(Ord. 18-09, passed 11-2-09; Am. Ord. 5-10, passed 3-16-10; Am. Ord. 3-18, passed 3-20-18; Am. Ord. 5-18, passed 4-17-18; Am. Ord. 12-22, passed 11-1-22)