(A)   The billing and collection of stormwater user fees shall be administered by the city utilities billing office. The stormwater user fees for residentially developed properties and non-residential developed properties shall be billed as frequently as monthly with payment due as of the date stated in the billing.
   (B)   For billings and collections administered directly by the city, in the event a partial payment is received, the payment shall be applied according to established procedures. All bills for stormwater user fees shall become due and payable in accordance with the rules and regulations in effect, or subsequently adopted by, the Commission.
   (C)   All charges not under appeal and not paid by bill date of billing statement shall be considered delinquent. All charges delinquent shall be subject to penalty and/or interest as established by Commission and could constitute a lien or an assessment upon the real property affected from the date charges are incurred as determined by the City Manager or the City Manager’s designee. The City Manager may withhold other services, including water and electric, until such time as any outstanding charges are paid in full or a payment schedule acceptable to the City Manager by the delinquent party is agreed to.
   (D)   The city shall have authority to annually place tax liens on properties in default of fees required by this chapter. The city shall provide notice of any intended tax liens subject to the provisions of applicable Ohio law. Removal of the property tax lien will only occur upon full payment of the stormwater user fees or other payment arrangements approved by the Commission. In the alternative, the city may take appropriate legal action to collect unpaid charges.
   (E)   The threshold for retroactive billing shall be six billing cycles. Omitted or previously unidentified property containing impervious surface that has not been charged stormwater user fees may be billed retroactively up to six billing cycles.
(Ord. 18-09, passed 11-2-09; Am. Ord. 5-10, passed 3-16-10; Am. Ord. 3-18, passed 3-20-18; Am. Ord. 5-18, passed 4-17-18; Am. Ord. 12-22, passed 11-1-22)