(A)   All owners of real property in the city shall be charged for the use of the stormwater system based on an estimate of the amount of stormwater and rate of flow of stormwater that is projected to discharge into the stormwater system from the property.
   (B)   By this chapter, which may be amended from time to time by resolution of the Commission, the city hereby sets and establishes a system of fees that is intended to assess users their fair and equitable share of the costs for use of the stormwater system for each property within the city. These fees shall be established in an amount sufficient to defray the reasonable costs for federal stormwater permit requirements, operation, maintenance, and construction of necessary improvements or additions to the stormwater system. The subsequent amendments or adjustments shall take into consideration the amount of funds reasonably necessary to meet the level and cost of service required to manage and operate the stormwater system, including any previously unforeseen inflationary pressures, system expansion, increases in state and federal program mandates, or related issues that may necessitate management program expansion.
(Ord. 18-09, passed 11-2-09; Am. Ord. 5-10, passed 3-16-10; Am. Ord. 3-18, passed 3-20-18; Am. Ord. 5-18, passed 4-17-18; Am. Ord. 12-22, passed 11-1-22)