(A)   The Utility shall monitor the design, operation, maintenance, inspection, construction and use of all storm sewers, storm drains, and stormwater facilities in the city. The utility shall be responsible for the design and construction of public stormwater facilities in the city and shall inspect, operate, and maintain them as prescribed in the stormwater rules and regulations.
   (B)   The Utility shall provide oversight and approval to private development stormwater infrastructure on lands greater than one acre in size, and on properties that may encounter potential stormwater related issues, as set forth in MS4 permit, in their development and construction.
   (C)   The Utility may accept overriding responsibility for permanent maintenance of stormwater facilities designed to control erosion when the benefitting area involves two or more property owners. The Utility may require facilities to be designed to reduce maintenance cost and will require adequate easements.
(Ord. 18-09, passed 11-2-09; Am. Ord. 5-10, passed 3-16-10; Am. Ord. 3-18, passed 3-20-18; Am. Ord. 5-18, passed 4-17-18; Am. Ord. 12-22, passed 11-1-22)