(A)   Shrubbery trimmings, tree trimmings, lawn clippings, sticks, pinecones, yard rakings and the like shall only be collected when deposited loose and un-bagged in the proper receptacle and placed curbside as provided in this division. No material or receptacle shall be placed in any street, gutter, canal or ditch where it would prevent or divert the flow of stormwater or interfere in any way with any storm drainage system or interfere with public use of any street.
   (B)   Tree limbs shall not be more than four feet in length or six inches in diameter. If tree limbs do not fit in cart with cover secure, they shall be placed adjacent to and spaced three feet from container with tree limbs securely tied in bundles not more than 18 inches in diameter and four feet in length.
   (C)   No material such as trees, shrubbery or underbrush resulting from the clearing of vacant land will be picked up by the village or agents of the village.
   (D)   Yard debris, tree trimmings, logs, branches, etc. generated on residential and commercial properties by private lawn, garden and tree maintenance services is required to be removed from the premises and properly disposed of in a permitted landfill by the service. This requirement is inclusive of any individual residences, commercial businesses and any development with common grounds that are maintained, such as condominium complexes, townhome developments, etc. Townhomes and residential units where a portion of vegetative outdoor space, greater than 150' sf in size, is individually owned by the resident is eligible for curbside yard debris collection.
   (E)   Collection of yard debris shall occur once a week on a regular schedule as designated by the Public Services Director, unless holidays or inclement weather prevent the provision of this service. In the event of holidays, the collection of yard debris shall occur on the next business day unless inclement weather prevents the provision of this service.
   (F)   These requirements may be suspended or modified by the Public Services Director during times of FEMA declared natural disasters.
(1986 Code, § 12-2.11)  (Ord. 04-43, passed 11-30-2004; Ord. 09-02, passed 01-27-2009; Ord. 15-01, passed 1-27-2015; Ord. 19-21, passed 10-22-2019)  Penalty, see § 50.99