(A)   Residential garbage shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of this section. In order to comply with the preparation requirements, no person shall place in any garbage receptacle to be collected by the village any of the following:
      (1)   White goods;
      (2)   Bulky items;
      (3)   Building materials;
      (4)   Special waste;
      (5)   Hazardous waste;
      (6)   Medical waste; or
      (7)   Dead animals.
   (B)   Residential garbage shall be wrapped, bagged or enclosed in paper or plastic material. All excess liquid shall be drained before the garbage is placed in a container. Animal waste in small quantities may be deposited with residential garbage only if it is separately bagged in a leak-proof, plastic bag prior to being placed inside the residential garbage bag. Each bag or parcel of garbage shall not exceed 50 pounds in total weight.
   (C)   Dead animals less than 100 pounds shall be collected on a call basis. Placement for collection shall be within ten feet of the traveled portion of the street and shall be placed no earlier than two hours before the scheduled pickup time.
(1986 Code, § 12-2.4)
   (D)   No person shall dispose of or discard any dangerous trash items such as broken glass, light bulbs, sharp pieces of metal and fluorescent tubes unless they are securely wrapped to prevent injury to the collection personnel. Merely placing these items in paper or plastic bags shall not be considered adequate protection.
(1986 Code, § 12-2.5)  (Ord. 04-43, passed 11-30-2004)  Penalty, see § 50.99