(A)   All commercial and other nonresidential properties shall provide themselves with a dumpster or other appropriate garbage receptacle. Garbage collection service for those establishments shall not be provided by the village.
   (B)   Any apartment complex or condominium complex shall provide itself with an appropriately sized dumpster or dumpsters for garbage collection or be provided with an appropriate number of village-owned household trash and/or recycling receptacles, as determined by the Public Services Director, to be placed in common collection areas. Common collection area placement(s) within the complex must be approved in advance by the Public Services Director. For the purpose of this section, a COMPLEX shall be defined as any development having ten or more units. The village will provide collection service for all complexes within the village.
   (C)   All garbage receptacles shall be kept reasonably clean by the homeowner or tenant by the use of effective cleaners and disinfectants.
   (D)   The village provides residential receptacles for solid waste services and requires the use of those receptacles by the homeowner or tenant to which they are provided. All solid waste materials must fit within the appropriate cart, which shall be securely covered. No materials are permitted outside a curbside cart unless specifically allowed under a temporary order by the Public Services Director. Damage to the village provided receptacle outside of normal wear and tear can be assessed to the property owner up to the full replacement cost of a new container.
(1986 Code, § 12-2.3)  (Ord. 04-43, passed 11-30-2004; Ord. 08-41, passed 12-16-2008; Ord. 14-01, passed 01-14-2014; Ord. 18-01, passed 1-23-2018)