(A)   Applicants for permits shall be made upon forms provided by the Village Clerk, who shall file a duplicate copy with the Police Department, containing the following information:
      (1)   The name, date of birth, age and physical description of the applicant;
      (2)   The complete permanent home and local address of applicant;
      (3)   The name and address of the organization or person for whom canvassing, vending or soliciting is being made;
      (4)   A description of the nature of the business or activity and the goods, services or wares to be sold;
      (5)   Two recent photographs of the applicant, which shall be approximately two and one-half by two and one-half inches in size, showing the head and shoulders of the applicant in a clear and distinguishing manner;
      (6)   The days and dates upon which the canvassing or soliciting is to take place;
      (7)   A statement as to whether or not the applicant has been convicted of a crime, misdemeanor or disorderly persons offense and, if so, the details thereof;
      (8)   The make, model, year, color and license plate number of each vehicle used by the applicant during the period of canvassing, vending or soliciting within the village and copies of the applicant's driver's license, registration and insurance certificate;
      (9)   A list of current canvassing, vending or soliciting permits received from other municipalities; and
      (10)   A statement as to whether or not the applicant has been denied a canvassing, vending or soliciting permit during the past year.
   (B)   A separate application shall be filed for each individual soliciting or canvassing within the village.
(1986 Code, § 3-8.4)  (Ord. 09-15, passed 05-26-2009)