§ 32.011 FIRE CHIEF.
   (A)   Office created; bond required. There is hereby created the office of Fire Chief of the Fire Department, who shall be elected annually by the members of the Fire Department at the first meeting in May of each year, and shall enter into bond, in an amount to be determined by Council, payable to the city, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties and for the proper care of the property and fire equipment of the Fire Department and before entering upon his duties, shall subscribe to the oath as provided in § 32.015.
   (B)   Duties. It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to command the Fire Department on all occasions, and see that all equipment is kept in good order, that each man performs his duty, and to enforce the rules and regulations of the Department as provided by ordinance and otherwise. He shall preside at all meetings, with power to vote on all questions; shall appoint all committees; shall have power to grant leaves of absence and to call special meetings of said Department and to place the men when in service as he may see proper.
(Ord. 92, passed 4-2-28)