§ 112.17 NOTICE.
   (A)   Every person desiring to secure the protec- tion intended to be provided by this subchapter shall give notice of their determination whether to invite or refuse invitation to solicitors by exhibiting upon or near the main entrance door to the residence a weatherproof card, approximately 3 x 4 inches in size.
      (1)   The card shall contain the applicable words, as follows:
(Letters on the card shall be at least -inch in height.)
      (2)   For the purpose of uniformity, the cards shall be provided by the Police Chief to persons requesting them at the cost thereof.
      (3)   The card so exhibited shall constitute sufficient notice to any solicitors of the determination by the occupant of the residences of the information contained thereon.
   (B)   It shall be the duty of every solicitor, upon going onto any premises in the city upon which a residence is located, to examine the notice provided for in division (A) above, if any is attached, and be governed by the statement contained on it.
      (1)   If the notice states “ONLY SOLICITORS REGISTERED BY THE CITY OF PINCKNEYVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT INVITED,” the solicitor not possessing a valid Certificate of Registration shall depart immediately and peacefully from the premises.
      (2)   If the notice states “NO SOLICITORS INVITED,” the solicitor, whether registered or not, shall department immediately and peacefully from the premises.
   (C)   Any solicitor who has gained entrance to any residence, whether invited or not, shall department immediately and peacefully from the premises when requested to do so by the occupant.
(Ord. 79-12, passed - -79) Penalty, see § 112.99