91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Cruelty to animals prohibited
   91.03   Harboring of domesticated and wild animals and fowl prohibited; exceptions
   91.04   Diseased animals
   91.05   Killing diseased or dangerous animals
   91.06   Disturbance of the peace
   91.07   Conditions constituting nuisance; prohibited
   91.08   Animals running at large; restraint required
   91.09   Trapping prohibited
   91.10   Female dogs or cats in heat to be confined in building
   91.11   Vehicles containing livestock; parking time limited
   91.12   Hunting animals prohibited
   91.13   Limit on number of dangerous animals
   91.14   Rabies control
   91.15   Impoundment of animals at large; notification of owner
   91.16   Adoption of unclaimed dogs and cats
   91.17   Returning animals to owner if known
   91.18   Redemption of impounded animal; fee
   91.19   Certain animals not to be redeemed without inoculation
   91.20   Administration and enforcement
   91.21   Conflicting ordinances
   91.22   Invalidity of part
   91.99   Penalty