13.40.020   Waste acceptance.
   A.   It is the intent of this ordinance to encourage all reasonable efforts to receive only acceptable solid wastes for disposal, and to exclude from disposal, whenever feasible, all unacceptable wastes, at solid waste facilities. Prior approval is not required for solid wastes that do not have a potential, as determined by the director, to be unacceptable wastes. For all other wastes, disposal at solid waste facilities is prohibited unless prior approval has been received.
   B.   For all solid waste requiring prior approval, the waste generator must, prior to disposal, submit data on the waste including source, quantity, description, and possibly waste analysis results, and other relevant information.
   C.   Bulk or non-containerized liquids and sludges are not acceptable for disposal, except that non-hazardous dried sludge from wastewater treatment facilities may be acceptable as a non-standard waste for disposal at sanitary landfills with prior approval.
   D.   Regulated asbestos-containing wastes are prohibited at all county solid waste facilities.
   E.   Only inert materials, construction debris, demolition debris, and green waste are acceptable at construction debris facilities. Further, household waste, food, paper, cardboard, and plastic waste are specifically excluded from construction debris facilities.
   F.   Motor vehicle tires shall not be accepted for land disposal at a solid waste facility except by methods approved by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Motor vehicle tires are accepted at tire collection facilities or tire transfer stations. All tires shall be managed at Pima County solid waste facilities in accordance with the state of Arizona waste tire program, as established in A.R.S. Sections 44-1301 through 44-1307. Non-standard tires may be accepted at the waste tire facility.
   G.   All generators and haulers of non-standard waste and non-regulated asbestos-containing waste must submit a manifest for each load. Pima County reserves the right to inspect and sample all incoming waste loads to county solid waste facilities.
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