11.08.010   Authority of the procurement director.
   A.   The procurement director shall be appointed by the county administrator to serve as the central procurement agent of the county.
   B.   Unless otherwise provided in this title, the authority, duties and responsibilities of the procurement director are as follows:
      1.   Serve as the exclusive supervisor and manager of the county's procurement system.
      2.   Conduct procurement for all county departments except those conducted by departments to whom the procurement director has delegated procurement authority.
      3.   Prepare or monitor the use of specifications for materials and services required by the county.
      4.   Issue solicitations, including electronic solicitations, for materials, services and construction in compliance with this title.
      5.   Award and execute contracts in an amount up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars per year for a maximum term of five years from the effective date of the contract, with the exception of settlement agreements related to lawful claims arising from litigation involving the county and certain software contracts as further defined in policy. Procurement requirements must not be artificially divided to circumvent source selection procedures required by this title. Contracts signed by the procurement director will be reported to the board.
      6.   Cancel solicitations, including electronic solicitations, for materials, services or construction prior to the time set for receipt of bids, quotes, offers or proposals where it is in the best interests of the county and provide such notice of cancellation as the procurement director may require by procedure.
      7.   Develop and maintain countywide procurement standards, procedure manuals and standard contract terms and conditions as necessary to carry out the terms of this title.
      8.   Delegate procurement authority to departments meeting the certification requirements established pursuant to this title.
      9.   Provide guidance and leadership on procurement matters to the board, the county administrator, departments, and procurement officers.
      10.   Authorize emergency, limited competition and sole source procurement as specified in this title.
      11.   Monitor sourcing decisions, procurement of materials and services, contracts awarded, and contract compliance, and report these matters to the board as directed.
      12.   Appoint procurement advisory committees to assist with specifications and procurement decisions. Anyone who participates in any aspect of a specific procurement as an advisory committee member shall not receive any benefits directly or indirectly from a contract resulting from such procurement.
      13.   In accordance with the county SBE ordinance, develop and administer a program which encourages participation of small businesses and requires the certification of such businesses and the publication of annual reports reflecting the dollar participation of such businesses in the procurement of goods, services, and construction.
      14.   Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in this section, the procurement director or authorized designee may execute contracts for materials and services in any amount, provided that if the contract amount exceeds the award authority of the procurement director, the board will make the award.
   C.   Delegation of Authority.
      1.   The procurement director may delegate or rescind procurement authority to a department except that the authority delegated to the procurement director under Subsection B.5 of this section may not be delegated to a department.
      2.   Departments having procurement authority shall comply with this chapter and all implementing procedures, forms and terms established by the procurement director.
      3.   The procurement director shall consider the following factors in making the decision to delegate or rescind procurement authority:
         a.   The procurement expertise, specialized knowledge and past experience of the department;
         b.   The impact of the delegation of the procurement on efficiency and effectiveness;
         c.   Department adherence to the procurement code, standards, procedures and manuals.
      4.   The procurement director shall monitor contracts developed and administered by the departments with delegated procurement authority, and shall be available to provide technical assistance.
      5.   Notwithstanding the delegation of procurement authority the procurement director shall retain all other authority, responsibilities and duties relating to procurement.
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