10.08.050   Temporary reduced construction zone speed limits.
   A.   The traffic engineering division manager of the Pima County department of transportation is hereby authorized to establish temporary reduced speed limits within temporary construction traffic control zones. The temporary reduced speed limits shall be implemented when the traffic engineering division manager determines, based on an engineering and traffic investigation conducted by the Pima County department of transportation, that the permanent speed limits set for the area under construction are not reasonable nor safe under the existing conditions.
   B.   Any temporary reduced speed limit established by the traffic engineering division manager shall be effective only for the duration of the roadway construction. Construction shall mean the construction, reconstruction, or maintenance of any road by county forces or any contractor or subcontractor performing such construction, reconstruction, or maintenance at the direction of the county.
   C.   The reduced speed limits shall become effective when
      1.   A construction traffic control zone speed limit authorization memorandum is filed with the office of the Pima County recorder,
      2.   The regulatory speed limit signs (black text on a white background) stating the temporary control zone speed limit have been erected upon or around the temporary construction traffic control zone in a clearly visible manner, and
      3.   The permanent speed limit signs are temporarily removed, covered or turned.
(Ord. 2000-85 § 1 (part), 2000)