9.08.020   Definitions.
   The following definitions, in addition to those in Section 10.04.020, shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter:
   A.   "Authorized emergency vehicle" means:
      1.   Vehicles of a fire department;
      2.   Vehicles of a police department;
      3.   Ambulance and emergency vehicles of municipal departments and public service corporations designated or authorized by the Department or local authorities, or other ambulances, fire trucks and rescue vehicles authorized at the sole discretion of the Department and that meet liability insurance requirements prescribed by the Department.
   B.   "Department" is the Arizona Department of Transportation.
   C.   "Director" is the director of the Tucson/Pima County office of emergency management as designated by the county administrator and city manager.
   D.   "Permit" refers to emergency vehicle permits.
(Ord. 1996-5 (part), 1996)