9.04.080   Conduct of display.
   A.   No permit shall be granted for any display of fireworks where the discharge, failure to fire, faulty firing, or fallout of any fireworks or other objects would endanger persons, buildings, structures, forests, or brush, nor in any case where the point at which the fireworks are to be fired is less than two hundred feet from the nearest permanent building, public highway, railroad, or other means of travel, or fifty feet from the nearest above ground telephone or telegraph line, tree or other overhead obstruction, or one hundred feet from a high-tension wire. In no case shall a display be fired within five hundred feet of a school, theater, church, hospital, or similar institution without written approval by the institution and special approval by the board of supervisors.
   B.   Spectators at a display of fireworks shall be restrained behind lines or barriers as designated by local authorities but in no case less than two hundred feet from the point at which the fireworks are to be discharged. Only authorized persons and those in actual charge of the display shall be allowed inside these lines or barriers during the unloading, preparation, firing and clean-up period of fireworks.
   C.   All fireworks that fire a projectile shall be so set up that the projectile will go into the air as nearly as possible in a vertical direction.
   D.   Any fireworks that remain unfired after the display is concluded shall be immediately disposed of or removed in a manner safe for the particular type of fireworks. The debris from the discharged fireworks shall be properly disposed of by the operator before he leaves the premises. The operator, upon conclusion of the display, shall make a complete and thorough search for any unfired fireworks or pieces which have failed to fire or function and shall dispose of them in a safe manner. Such search shall be instituted at the earliest possible time following the conclusion of the display but in no event later than the first period of daylight which follows.
   E.   No fireworks display shall be held during any storm or wind in which the wind reaches a velocity of more than ten miles per hour.
   F.   All fireworks, articles and items at places of display shall be stored in a manner and in a place secure from fire, accidental discharge, and theft or other potential hazards, and in a manner approved by the governmental agency having jurisdiction.
(Prior code § 41.20.080)