8.32.270   Closing of bathing places—Reasons.
   The department may suspend operation for repeated or continued violations of any of the department's rules and regulations, or until correction, for any of the following reasons:
   A.   Failure of the swimming pool equipment, structure, area or enclosure such as to jeopardize the health or safety of the persons using or operating it;
   B.   Lack of properly functioning equipment or proper material for recirculating, treating or testing the swimming pool water;
   C.   Lack of required lifeguards;
   D.   Presence of a pollutant or of a hazardous object or substance in the swimming pool;
   E.   Failure to meet a water quality standard;
   F.   Failure to possess a valid department permit to operate a bathing place.
(Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.090(B))