8.32.230   Special-use pools.
   A.   Supplemental Standards and Requirements. Persons intending to construct a special-use pool shall notify the department and provide plans, specifications and a description of the intended use. The department will determine which of the regulations in this chapter apply to the proposed special-use pool. The department may, at its discretion, establish additional standards or requirements for special-use pools, taking into consideration the intended use of the pool, the conditions under which it will be operated and any special circumstances.
   B.   Walkways. A minimum of four feet of deck shall be provided on at least two contiguous sides of the pool and fifty percent of the periphery.
   C.   Exercise or Training Bars.
      1.   A pool designed with exercise or training bars in the pool shall be restricted to special use when the bars are located in the pool.
      2.   Bars shall be constructed of durable material and be reasonably resistant to corrosion under conditions of operation.
      3.   Bars shall be sealed, welded shut or capped at both ends to prevent retention of water within the bar.
      4.   Bars may be removable. The bars shall then be wedge anchored in place with a cover plate provided. Water-tight anchor plugs shall be provided when the bars have been removed. For purposes of this subsection, an anchor plug shall be considered water-tight if it achieves an efficiency of ninety-five (95) percent.
      5.   Bars shall not extend more than four inches from the side of the pool into the water. The minimum clear opening from the inside of the bar to the side of the pool shall not be less than two inches.
   D.   Ramps.
      1.   Where a ramp is to be installed in a swimming pool, the ramp shall be constructed:
         a.   Of non-slip material;
         b.   With a slope not exceeding one foot in eight;
         c.   With a width of at least three feet;
         d.   With a level platform at the top and bottom of the ramp;
         e.   With at least a three-and-one-half-foot-high guard rail installed on the deck and extending the length of the ramp;
         f.   With returns to be located on the pool and ramp walls along the length of the ramp;
         g.   With a continuous line of color-contrasting tile or similar materials along both edges of the ramp which is visible from the pool as well as on the ramp.
(Ord. 1990-81 § 14, 1990: Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.060)