8.32.070   Notification of completion—Approval to operate.
   A.   The design, operation and maintenance of bathing places shall be in conformance with this chapter and criteria contained in the county department of health services swimming pool design policy.
   B.   Before initial approval shall be given for the operation of a bathing place, the swimming pool contractor, or a currently registered engineer or architect, shall certify that the complete bathing place is constructed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.
   C.   Operation of newly constructed bathing places shall not commence before a final inspection has been made and approval to operate has been given by the department.
   D.   No public or semipublic bathing place shall be maintained or operated in the county without a permit in force issued by the department. The permit shall be displayed in a conspicuous place on the premises where it may be readily observed by the public.
(Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.010(G))