8.32.040   Application for approval—Plan documents required.
   A.   An application for approval of any proposed bathing place shall be made to the department by the owner on forms furnished by the department Such application for approval shall accompany the plans and specifications at the time of submission to the department for review.
   B.   The operator/owner of a previously approved swimming pool, as defined in this chapter, wishing to change the nature of his classification from public to semipublic or semipublic to public, must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the department, that the facility meets all requirements of these regulations as related to the desired classification. If any additional construction or modification of the facility shall be required, plans and specifications of the proposed facility shall be submitted for approval as required in Section 8.32.030.
   C.   Plans and specifications shall be submitted to the department at least thirty days prior to the date upon which action is desired. Plan documents submitted for approval shall include a general plot plan, plans and specifications showing the pool shape, dimensions, water treatment and pumping facilities, piping arrangements and sizes, source of water supply, method of disposal of wastes, together with all pertinent data upon which the design is based, including capacities of the various units, safety equipment, and other information necessary to permit a clear and full understanding of the proposed project. Where required, detailed plans of bathhouses, dressing rooms, toilets, recreational, and other pool appurtenances shall be included.
(Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.010(D))