8.32.020   Definitions.
   As used in this chapter:
   A.   "Bathing place" means and includes all bodies of water used by persons for swimming, wading, hydrotherapy, recreation, bathing or special use, together with the shores, bathhouses, sanitary facilities, bathing attire, equipment, and all other appurtenances to such bodies of water.
   B.   "Construct" means and includes building or installing a new bathing place or enlarging or altering existing facilities.
   C.   "Cross-connection" means any physical connection between two piping systems, one of which contains potable water and the other sewage or water of unknown or questionable quality, through which water may flow from either system to the other.
   D.   "Department" means the county health department.
   E.   "Fill and draw pool" means a swimming pool where the principal means of cleaning is the complete removal of the used water and the replacement thereof with potable water.
   F.   "Flow-through pool" means a swimming pool where potable water constantly enters the pool and an equal quantity of used water constantly flows out of the pool.
   G.   "Freeboard" means that section of the pool wall measured vertically between the water surface and the walkway or deck surface.
   H.   "Hydrotherapy pool" means any pool providing a vapor environment, roiling water, injected air, or similar effect.
   I.   "Natural bathing place" means unmodified natural outdoor lakes, ponds, rivers, etc.
   J.   "Operate" means to conduct, maintain, or otherwise provide facilities and appurtenances at bathing places.
   K.   "Overflow system" means and includes gutters and other rim-type overflows, surface skimmers and collection systems of various designs and manufacture.
   L.   "Private pool" means a pool operated by an individual for his own or his family's use, or for guests of his household, or by an owner to serve a housing group consisting of not more than three (3) living units.
   M.   "Public pool" means a swimming pool, admission to which may be gained by the general public with or without payment of a fee.
   N.   "Recirculating pool" means a swimming pool where a portion of pool water is constantly being removed, filtered and disinfected, then returned to the pool.
   O.   "Return line" means that portion of the recirculating system piping which carries clean water from the filter back to the swimming pool.
   P.   "Secchi disk" means a 200 mm. circular plate which has opposite quarters painted gloss white and black.
   Q.   "Semiartificial bathing place" means outdoor bathing places which are partly artificial and partly natural.
   R.   "Semipublic pool" means a swimming pool on the premises of, or part of, but not limited to, a hotel, motel, mobile home park, apartment house, country club, camp, health club, condominium, homeowners' association, or similar establishment where the primary business of the establishment is not the operation of the swimming facilities and where admission to the use of the pool is included in the fee, or consideration paid or given for the primary use of the premises.
   S.   "Special-use pool" means a pool designed and used for special purposes, such as diving, aquatic training, swimming instruction, or similar use as recognized by the department.
   T.   "Spray pond" means an artificially constructed special-use pool into which water is sprayed but not allowed to accumulate.
   U.   "Swimming pool" and/or "pool" means an artificial basin, chamber or tank, constructed and used, or intended to be used, for swimming, diving or bathing.
   V.   "Wading pool" means a shallow pool intended primarily for use by children.
   W.   "Water level" shall be established in one of the following ways:
      1.   Deemed to fall in the midpoint of the operating range of the skimmers;
      2.   On pools with overflow systems, the level shall be deemed to be that established by the height of the overflow rim.
(Ord. 1990-81 § 1, 1990: Ord. 1984-42 (part), 1984: prior code § 23.60.010(B))