8.08.080   Pet friendly patio requirements—General.
   A.   A food establishment must obtain a pet friendly patio permit before animals, other than service animals, are allowed in or on the food establishment premises. To obtain a pet friendly patio permit, a food establishment must have the following:
      1.   A separate entrance to the pet friendly patio from the exterior of the food establishment.
      2.   A sign with at least half inch letters posted at the front entrance of the food establishment and easily visible to the public that states: "Pet Friendly Patio — access only through outdoor patio. For complaints contact the Pima County Health Department."
   B.   A food establishment with a pet friendly patio must comply with the following requirements:
      1.   No food may be prepared in the outdoor patio area, including mixing drinks and serving ice, except that a beverage glass may be filled from a pitcher or other container that has been filled inside the food establishment.
      2.   The outdoor patio must be continuously kept free of visible pet hair, dander, and other pet-related waste and debris. The outdoor patio must be hosed down or mopped, and sanitized with animal-friendly chemicals at the beginning of each shift during which food or beverages are served (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-hours). If a food establishment has continuous food or beverage service without designated shifts, the outdoor patio must be hosed down or mopped, and sanitized with animal-friendly chemicals every six hours that the food establishment is open for business, except that such cleaning is not required if no pet has been present on the outdoor patio since the last cleaning.
      3.   Waste created from a pet's bodily functions must be immediately cleaned up with animal-friendly chemicals. The food establishment must provide bags and a bag-lined fly-tight container for use by customers for waste disposal. The contents of the fly-tight container must be disposed of, as often as necessary, outside of the food establishment in an appropriately covered waste receptacle.
      4.   Equipment used to clean the outdoor patio must be kept separate from other cleaning equipment and must not be used in other areas of the food establishment.
      5.   Employees must not touch, pet, or otherwise handle any pet while serving food or beverages or handling tableware.
      6.   All pets must be kept on a short leash or in a pet carrier and remain in the control of the customer at all times while in the outdoor patio area.
      7.   Pets are not allowed on any seat, chair, a customer's lap, table, countertop, or similar surface in the outdoor patio area.
      8.   Pets shall not be allowed to have any contact with reusable food service dishes or utensils. A pet may only have contact with disposable single-service containers that provide food or water to the pet or with pet-owner provided containers.
      9.   All patio surfaces shall be constructed of materials that are smooth, easily sanitized, and durable.
(Ord. 2016-12, § 2 (part), 2016)