18.73.010   Purpose and scope.
   A.   The purpose of this chapter is to provide landscaping requirements and performance standards which:
      1.   Enhance and promote the image of the community's desert environment;
      2.   Conserve groundwater resources in conformance with the Arizona Groundwater Code, Title 45, Chapter 2, by:
         a.   Specifying the use of arid landscape design principles and standards,
         b.   Helping utilize stormwater, and control and reduce runoff,
         c.   Specifying the use of plant materials from approved lists,
         d.   Encouraging the use of effluent;
      3.   Protect the public health, safety and general welfare by:
         a.   Minimizing noise, air, water, dust and visual pollution,
         b.   Screening and buffering incompatible land uses,
         c.   Preserving property values and the character of neighborhoods,
         d.   Reducing the heat and glare absorbed and radiated by development,
         e.   Conserving energy resources,
         f.   Helping to control soil erosion,
         g.   Controlling the spread of invasive and noxious plants,
         h.   Increasing traffic safety, and
         i.   Protecting air quality by reducing dust emissions.
   B.   The intent of this chapter is to ameliorate adverse impacts between potentially incompatible uses and zones by requiring a minimum level of buffering and screening. This chapter does not determine the compatibility of two different uses or zones, which is determined by the board of supervisors.
   C.   Scope.
      1.   The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all development, unless excepted elsewhere in the Code, except development within the ML zone and RVC zone adjacent to the ML zone, and conversions of apartment complexes to condominiums with landscape plans that were approved with the apartment development plan.
      2.   New development. The provisions of this chapter apply to all new tentative plans and development plans submitted after October 1, 1985;
      3.   Expansion of existing uses. Approved plans and development existing prior to October 1, 1985 shall comply with the regulations under which approval was given, and shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter if proposed expansion will exceed twenty-five percent of the gross floor or lot area of the existing development.
      4.   Landscape plan submittal. A landscape plan shall be submitted to the planning division of the development services department for the following:
         a.   Any development plan or subdivision plat that requires ten or more parking spaces, except for development within the ML zone and RVC zone adjacent to the ML zone, development of single-family dwellings where all parking is contained within structures and carports on individual, subdivided lots, and development plans for apartment conversions to condominiums that have landscape plan that were approved by the planning division and development services department.
         b.   When screening, buffering or landscaping is required by the chapter,
         c.   When screening, buffering or landscaping is required by the board of supervisors as a condition of rezoning or other reason,
         d.   Reserved.
         e.   Any landscaping requiring review by the planning division required to fulfill requirements of the General Commercial Standards (Chapter 18.39), Golf Course Zone (Chapter 18.59), Hillside Development Overlay Zone (Chapter 18.61), Historic Overlay (Chapter 18.63), Major Resort Zone (Chapter 18.40), Sign Standards (Chapter 18.79) or Grading Standards (Chapter 18.81).
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