18.70.070   Exceptions.
   The following are excepted from the requirements of this Chapter:
   A.   Creation or realignment of a public right-of-way by a public agency;
   B.   Creation or realignment of a conservation easement, public easement, private easement, or any other easement as recognized by Pima County;
   C.   Creation or realignment of a special assessment district;
   D.   Sale, lease, transfer or development of space within an apartment, industrial or commercial building;
   E.   Compliance with a court order to divide the land;
   F.   Cemetery lots;
   G.   Subdivisions created under the authority of A.R.S. Titles 11 and 32, and Chapter 18.69 of the Pima County Zoning Code;
   H.   Division of land within a commercial or industrial zoning district;
   I.   Division of land within the Transitional (TR) and Multiple Use (MU) zoning district, if used solely for nonresidential purposes;
   J.   Division of land for sale, lease, or exchange between adjacent property owners, if the sale, lease or exchange does not create additional lots, parcels or fractional interests of sufficient size and configuration that would require a building or use permit under the Pima County Zoning Code.
(Ord. 2005-34 § 2, 2005)