2.12.070   Duties and responsibilities.
   The county administrator shall report to the board of supervisors of Pima County, and under the direction of the board of supervisors the county administrator shall be responsible for the general direction, supervision, administration, and coordination of all affairs of the county (including county administrator's office), except those duties exercised by the other elected officials of the county.
   A.   Subject only to policies adopted or directions given by official actions of the board, the county administrator shall be responsible for the general supervision, direction, administration and coordination of all the affairs of the county except those conducted by the other elected officials of the county. Except as otherwise provided by statute or ordinance adopted by the board, the county administrator shall appoint, promote, discipline and remove all appointive department heads and officers of the county and shall supervise and direct the official conduct of such appointed positions.
   B.   The county administrator shall prepare and submit to the board a proposed annual budget and capital program and be responsible for the administration of the annual budget after its adoption. At the end of each fiscal year, the county administrator shall prepare and submit to the board a comprehensive report on the finances and administrative activities of the county for the preceding fiscal year.
   C.   The county administrator shall have the authority to organize and reorganize the various county operations and activities, except those conducted by elected officials, into departments. Head of department positions shall be designated as "director" unless otherwise provided by law.
   D.   The county administrator shall act as liaison between elected county department heads and the board. He shall coordinate the affairs of such departments as they relate to budget, finance and personnel policies of the county.
   E.   The county administrator shall maintain communication between the board of supervisors and the boards, committees and commissions of the county appointed by the board of supervisors and those appointed by the county administrator.
   F.   The county administrator shall make such reports as the board may require concerning the operations and administration of the county. He shall recommend to the board such measures and ordinances as are necessary or expedient.
   G.   The county administrator shall attend all meetings of the board unless excused thereby. The county administrator shall review all proposed agenda items, take action on issues that can be resolved administratively in view of the powers and duties of the board, direct the preparation of the item for submission to the board and, in conjunction with the chairman of the board, set the agenda. The county administrator shall have the right to report on or discuss any matters before the board which concern the affairs of any of the departments under the county administrator's supervision.
   H.   The county administrator shall promulgate, with the consent of the board, such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the functioning of the various county departments managed by nonelected officials. Such departments shall submit all proposed rules and regulations to the county administrator for review and approval prior to issuance.
   I.   The county administrator shall be responsible for administering the merit system in accordance with this code, the merit system rules, and policies adopted by official action of the board.
   J.   The county administrator shall establish and maintain a risk management program.
   K.   The county administrator shall establish and maintain a workers' compensation program.
   L.   The county administrator shall negotiate, for approval by the board, and administer intergovernmental agreements between the county and local, state and federal jurisdictions.
   M.   The county administrator is authorized to sign federal, state and public grant applications, agreements, assurances and other pertinent grant documents prepared or received by all county departments.
   N.   The county administrator may initiate and shall coordinate legislative activities of concern to the county and to county department heads and appointed and elected officers and inform appropriate department heads and officers regarding matters pertinent to their operations.
   O.   The county administrator shall be responsible for regulating and ensuring that all county departments comply with pertinent federal, state and local regulations concerning criminal history, and/or information required, except insofar as elected county officials have responsibility therefor.
   P.   The county administrator shall have such other duties and responsibilities as are reasonably necessary for the efficient administration of the county and as may be authorized by the board. Any duty or responsibility previously delegated to the county administrator shall remain in full force and effect unless specifically overruled by this code.
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