6.08.020   Definitions.
   A.   "Animal care officer" means the administrator of Pima Animal Care or his representative.
   B.   "Chairman of the board of supervisors" means the chairman or, in the absence of the chairman, the person acting as chairman.
   C.   "Citation" means a uniform traffic ticket and complaint for civil traffic cases, pursuant to the Rules of Procedure in Civil Traffic Violation Cases adopted by the Supreme Court, modified as applicable.
   D.   "Complainant" means the person(s) on whose behalf a citation is issued to a defendant for a violation of this section.
   E.   "Counsel" means an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Arizona.
   F.   "County" means Pima County.
   G.   "Other designated representative" means a person over eighteen years of age, other than an attorney, authorized in writing by the defendant to represent the defendant in proceedings before the hearing officer. The written authorization shall be in a form sufficient to satisfy the hearing officer that the person has in fact been authorized to act on defendant's behalf and that defendant understands and agrees to be bound by actions taken by the designated representative in proceedings before the hearing officer.
   H.   "Parties" means the defendant and the county.
(Ord. 1989-40 § 1 Rule 2, 1989)