18.37.040   Development standards—Nonresidential.
   A.   Minimum lot area: None.
   B.   Minimum lot width: None.
   C.   Minimum yard requirements:
      1.   Front: Twenty feet, which may be used to meet off-street parking requirements, or as part of an off-street parking lot;
      2.   Side: Seven feet each;
      3.   Rear: Twenty-five feet.
   D.   Building height limitations:
      1.   Maximum height:
         a.   Thirty-four feet; or,
         b.   Eighty feet for all buildings located outside of the following Approach-Departure Corridors defined in Chapter 18.57:
            i.   ADC-1,
            ii.   ADC-2 and greater than 2,500 feet from the ADC-2 boundary,
            iii.   ADC-3.
            Provided that the building is setback a minimum distance equal to double the total building height from any abutting existing permitted single family detached residence. The distance shall be measured from the closest point of the existing residence to the proposed building.
   E.   Minimum distance between main buildings: None.
(Ord. 2019-10 (part), 2019; Ord. 1985-82 (part), 1985)