After failure of an owner of a structure to comply with an order of the County Building Inspector and/or the Town Administrator or their agents, issued pursuant to this subchapter, and upon adoption by the Board of Commissioners of an ordinance authorizing and directing him or her to do so as provided by G.S. § 160A-443(5), the Town Administrator shall cause to be posted on the main entrance of such structure a placard prohibiting the use or occupation of the structure. The Town Administrator shall cause to be posted at each entrance to such building a note as follows: “USE OR OCCUPANCY OF THIS BUILDING HAS BEEN PROHIBITED BY THE TOWN ADMINISTRATOR.” Use or occupation of a building so posted shall constitute a misdemeanor, G.S. § 160A-175(b). Such notices shall remain posted until the required repairs are made or demolition is completed. It shall be unlawful for any person or his or her agents or servants to remove such notice without written permission of the Town Administrator or for any person to enter the building except for the purpose of making the required repairs or of demolishing it. Removal of such notice shall constitute a violation of the provisions of G.S. § 160A-427, which is a misdemeanor punishable at the discretion of the Court and shall be indexed in the name of the property owner in the grantor index, as provided by G.S. § 160A-443(5).
(Ord. passed 6-29-2004) Penalty, see § 151.99