§ 151.99  PENALTY.
   If the violation continues after the deadline to correct a violation established after the violation hearing by the order requiring removal or correction of a violation and no appeal or arrangement has been filed with the office of the Town Administrator, then a citation with a fine in an initial amount of $100 shall be authorized to be issued against the violator. Thereafter, each day the violation continues shall be deemed an additional offense and additional citations with increasing fines up to $100 may be issued each day the violation continues. A hearing is not required for issuance of subsequent citations with fines after the issuance of a warning citation. Any unpaid citations and delinquency charges shall be cumulative and shall be recovered in a civil action in the nature of debt as well as any attorney fees incurred by the town incident thereto.
(Ord. passed 6-29-2004)
Statutory reference:
   Similar provisions, see G.S. § 160A-175