(A)   (1)   No person shall obstruct, impede, or interfere with any duly authorized parade or with any person, vehicle or animal participating in or used as a part of such parade.
      (2)   No person shall operate a motor vehicle alongside or between the persons, vehicles or animals participating in a parade during such parade.
      (3)   Parking on parade route. The Chief of Police shall have the authority, when reasonably necessary, to prohibit or restrict the parking of vehicles along a highway or part thereof constituting a part of the route of a duly authorized parade. The Chief of Police shall post signs to such effect, and it shall be unlawful for any person to park or leave unattended any vehicle in violation thereof. No person shall be convicted of a parking violation under this section unless that street has been posted as required herein.
   (B)   Any activities encouraging spectators to approach the parade are not allowed.
   (C)   Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, or other motorized vehicles not licensed for road use are deemed unacceptable unless otherwise approved by the City of Pikeville. All vehicles must have working head lights, brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights, horn, and windshield wipers. All vehicles must have properly functioning brakes. All floats and trailers must use safety chains and be properly secured with a legal hitch. All props on floats and trailers must be properly secured, braced or tied down to prevent movement. All CDL vehicles must be in compliance with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act requirements.
   (D)   Drivers of all motorized vehicles must be at least eighteen (18) years old and hold a valid driver's license (CDL where required) and possess the proof of insurance and registration for the vehicle they are operating. The driver is legally responsible for the actions of persons on the parade vehicles.
   (E)   All vehicles must have liability insurance an amount required by the Commonwealth Kentucky but in no event less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for a single claimant and three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) aggregate, and a parade pass must be issued by the Pikeville Police Department who shall verify the insurance and registration requirements and other requirements set forth herein for every vehicle in the parade. The parade pass will state thereon the approved driver for the vehicle and must be visibly displayed in the vehicle.
   (F)   All parade vehicles licensed for a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) exceeding ten thousand (10,000) pounds must be accompanied by a spotter on the ground at both of the front corners of the vehicle while traveling the parade route whose purpose it shall be to watch for pedestrians so close to the vehicle to present a danger or hazard to himself or others as well as any occupants of the parade vehicle.
   (G)   Persons shall remain on their float or other parade entry from the staging area to the end of the parade route, except in case of emergency. Parade participants may walk the parade route, but exiting the parade entry once the parade has begun is prohibited.
   (H)   All parade participants must adhere to sensory sensitive zones as marked throughout the parade route.
   (I)   Only hard candy may be soft-tossed from all parade entries.
   (J)   All riders thirteen (13) years old and younger must be sitting at all times during the parade.
   (K)    Parade vehicles with riders thirteen (13) years old and younger must have one adult for every six (6) children with a minimum of two adults (excluding the required spotters). At least one adult must be located on each side of the parade vehicle.
   (L)   All parade vehicles shall have a means to prevent vehicle occupants from falling from the parade vehicle, which includes secured safety rails (forty-two (42) inches in height) on the outside of the parade vehicle barriers or ropes may be used.
   (M)   Except city sponsored floats which may include Main Street, Appalachian Center for the Arts, and Appalachian Wireless Arena, city owned vehicles are prohibited from transporting floats or other entries in the parade.
   (N)   Only city employees or their children may ride in city owned vehicles during parades in accordance with the City of Pikeville Personnel and Operating Guidelines.
   (O)   Please note: applicants shall be responsible for all traffic control arrangements, equipment including fencing, stanchions or any other crowd control devices required for a parade/event, and fees therefore, deemed necessary by the Public Works Department and the City of Pikeville Police Department. The parade route, along with the size the parade, will determine the necessary fees.
   (P)   The permit holder shall be responsible for any damage to public property occurring as result of the event permitted by the permit and for cleanup of any trash, debris or litter left from the event.
   (Q)   The City of Pikeville is not responsible for any accidents or damage to personal property resulting from issuance of a permit. The permit is nontransferable and can only be used on the designated date and times as approved by the organizer. The City of Pikeville reserves the right to suspend, cancel, and/or reschedule the event. The permit organizer is responsible for ensuring that all participants and spectators abide by the rules and conditions provided for herein.
(Ord. O-2019-30, passed 11-25-19) Penalty, see § 71.99