Offenses Relating to Property
642.01   Definitions.
642.02   Petty theft.
642.03   Degree of offense when certain property involved.
642.035   Evidence of theft of rented property.
642.04   Unauthorized use of a vehicle; vehicle trespass.
642.05   Unauthorized use of property.
642.06   Destruction of shrubs, trees or crops.
642.07   Desecration.
642.08   Assaulting police dog or horse or  an assistance dog.
642.09   Arson.
642.10   Criminal damaging or endangering.
642.11   Criminal mischief.
642.12   Criminal trespass.
642.125   Aggravated trespass.
642.13   Tampering with coin machines.
642.14   Passing bad checks.
642.145   Forgery of identification cards.
642.146   Criminal simulation.
642.15   Misuse of credit cards.
642.155   Recording credit card, telephone or social security numbers.
642.16   Making or using slugs.
642.17   Prima-facie evidence of fraud in theft from livery or hostelry.
642.18   Tampering with records.
642.19   Securing writings by deception.
642.20   Personating an officer.
642.21   Defrauding creditors.
642.22   Receiving stolen property.
642.23   Possession of municipal property.
642.24   Determining property value in theft offense.
642.25   Determining property value in arson.
642.26   Prosecutions for theft of utilities.
642.27   Food stamps.  (Repealed)
642.28   Misconduct involving a public transportation system.
642.29   Posting bills without consent of owner.
642.30   Enclosing and altering watercourses.
642.31   Obstructing or tampering with fire hydrants.
642.32   Insurance fraud.
642.33   Medicaid fraud.
642.34   Workers’ compensation fraud.
642.35   Vehicular vandalism.
642.36   Railroad vandalism: criminal trespass; interference with operation of train; grade crossing device vandalism.
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