(A)   It shall be unlawful to construct or maintain any driveway in or across any public sidewalk in the village where this necessitates any interference with or change in the grade of any public sidewalk or curb without having first obtained a permit therefor from the Board of Trustees. Applications for such driveway permits shall state the size, location, and material to be used in such driveway. It shall be unlawful to depart from such specifications or vary from them without the permission of the Board of Trustees.
   (B)   A fee of $1 shall be paid for each such permit; and an annual fee of $10 shall be paid by every person, firm, or corporation maintaining such driveway for the habitual or continual use of persons other than the owner or occupants of the premises to which it leads.
('70 Code, § 3.1.27) Penalty, see § 97.99