(A)   Each such excavation or tunnel shall be promptly and properly refilled, and the surface restored to its original condition, under the supervision of the Director of Public Services.
('70 Code, § 3.1.20)
   (B)   Any person, firm, or corporation making any excavation or tunnel in or under any public street, alley, or public place in the village shall restore the surface thereof to its original condition if there is no payment there. Refills shall be properly tamped down, and any bracing in such tunnel or excavation shall be left in the ground.
   (C)   Any opening in a paved or improved portion of a street shall be repaired and the surface relaid by the applicant, in compliance with the ordinances and subject to the supervision of the Director of Public Services; and if such work is not done within ten days after restoration is possible, the village may restore the surface and charge the cost thereof to the permittee.
('70 Code, § 3.1.24) Penalty, see § 97.99