(A)    Every owner or operator of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or motorized pedacycle who resides, regularly parks, or regularly garages the same overnight within the village shall pay to the Clerk once every two years (the term of the license) a tax or license fee for the use of each vehicle on any public street or alley in the village, as hereinafter provided. Those vehicles owned by companies not having a business location within the village limits are exempt from the provisions of this section.
   (B)    The fee to be paid for the one-year term of the vehicle licenses shall be as follows:
      Vehicles having a hauling capacity of 8,000 pounds and less
      as determined by registration   $30
      Vehicles having a hauling capacity of more than 8,000 pounds   $70
      Motorcycles, motorized pedacycles, and neighborhood vehicles   $30
      Passenger cars   $30
      Recreational vehicles   $30
   (C)   Senior Citizens Discount. Notwithstanding any of the above requirements, any resident who owns a passenger car having a capacity of not more than ten persons, and/or a neighborhood vehicle, and who is 62 years of age or older shall be entitled to a reduced fee of $20; provided, however, there is a maximum of one such reduced fee license for each passenger car and each neighborhood vehicle per person; and further provided, however, there shall be a maximum of two such reduced fee licenses, one passenger car and/or one neighborhood vehicle per person per household, if there are two or more persons 62 years of age in any such household.
   (D)   Exemptions. Notwithstanding any of the above to the contrary, none of the following enumerated individuals or entities shall require a vehicle license:
      (1)   Government-Owned Vehicles. Any vehicle owned by an entity that is wholly supported by tax monies, including but not limited to, vehicles owned by the US Federal Government, any state or local governmental body.
      (2)   Students. Any one vehicle owned by a full time college student that attends a college, university or trade school where said student resides and regularly garages and parks said vehicle outside of the village, at least eight or more months of a calendar year. The following forms of proof may be considered satisfactory proof of enrollment and attendance: current student photo identification; and current class schedule accompanied by enrollment form showing student carrying at least 10 credit hours or more of class attendance per semester or equivalent.
      (3)   Disabled Veterans and Handicapped. Any owner or operator of a vehicle who is a disabled veteran on or before the last day specified for payment of vehicle license fees under this chapter shall be issued a license for the license year upon application without charge. Satisfactory proof that an applicant is a disabled veteran or handicapped shall be furnished by such applicant, by providing a Disabled Veteran or Handicapped card issued by the State of Illinois in such form as may be acceptable to the Village Clerk.
      (4)   Antique Vehicles. No village license shall be required for any antique vehicle as defined above, so long as said vehicle is registered with the Illinois Secretary of State as an antique vehicle and displays antique vehicle license plates.
      (5)   Residents that Display Other Municipal Licenses. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 70.22, no person shall be obligated to purchase or display a village license during any period for which said person has already purchased a valid vehicle license from another municipality on a vehicle.
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