(A)   The water system shall be considered as made up of two parts: the public water supply system and the consumer's water system.
   (B)   The public water supply system shall consist of the source facilities and the distribution system, and shall include all those facilities of the potable water system under the control of the village's Superintendent of Public Works, up to the point where the consumer's water begins.
   (C)   The source shall include all components of the facilities utilized in the production, treatment, storage and delivery of water to the public water supply distribution system.
   (D)   The public water supply distribution system shall include the network of conduits used to deliver water from the source to the consumer's water system.
   (E)   The consumer's water system shall include all parts of the facilities beyond the service connection used to convey water from the public water supply distribution system to points of use.
(Ord. 88-10, passed 10-24-88)