§ 52.05 POLICY.
   Each property owner and water customer shall be responsible for protection of the public water supply system from contamination due to backflow or back-siphonage of contaminants through said property owner or customer's water service connection. If, in the judgment of the village, or its authorized representative, an approved backflow prevention device is necessary for the safety of the public water supply system, the Superintendent shall give notice to the consumer to install such approved backflow prevention device at each service connection to the premises. The consumer shall immediately install such approved device or devices at his(her) own expense; failure, refusal or inability on the part of the consumer to install such device or devices immediately shall constitute grounds for discontinuing water service to the premises until such device or devices have been installed. The consumer shall retain records of installation, maintenance, testing and repair as required in § 52.08 below for a period of at least five years.
(Ord. 88-10, passed 10-24-88)