(A)   It shall be unlawful for any resident, person, corporation or individual within the village to place or in any manner intermingle "yard waste" as defined in § 50.01 with "garbage and rubbish" which said residence, persons, corporations, or individuals generate for disposal by the village's licensed scavenger or disposal service. Yard waste shall not be include with the scavenger services provided by the village.
   (B)   All yard waste shall be collected by the same scavenger service that collects garbage and rubbish in the village under its license from the village upon the following terms and conditions: No "yard waste" will be collected unless they are contained in a biodegradable, 30-gallon paper bag to be sold to the public at various locations within the village or contained in a specifically designed 100-gallon container cart to be sold or rented by the licensed village scavenger service and a monthly collection fee shall be paid by the individual user of such service to the scavenger service duly licensed to do business in the village for the purpose of pick-up and removal of yard waste.
(Ord. 90-05, passed 5-14-90) Penalty, see § 50.99