The Village President is hereby authorized and empowered to establish policies, rules, and procedures, not inconsistent with the provisions of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, establishing rules to guide the village in complying with the Act; permitting only village employees to search for and reproduce requested documents; specifying time limits for appeals from decisions; denying production of documents; appointing one or more employees, in addition to the Village Clerk, to receive and respond to requests for documents; establishing the Village Clerk's office and the regular hours of that office as the place and times for submission of requests for documents; governing the records' directory, information directory, and catalog of records as required by the Act; and recommending, from time to time, the adoption by the village of a schedule of fees for reproducing or certifying documents based upon the actual cost incurred in reproducing or certifying said public records.
(Ord. 84-07, passed 11-26-84)