General Provisions
1117.01    Conformance required.
1117.02    Buildings under construction.
1117.03    Building grades.
1117.04    Building to be moved.
1117.05    Location of buildings.
1117.06    No implied right of completion.
1117.07    Garage, basement or other accessory dwellings.
1117.08    Accessory dwellings in nonresidential districts.
1117.09    Accessory buildings in residence districts.
1117.10    Accessory uses and buildings in nonresidential districts.
1117.11    Yard area for a building cannot be used for another building.
1117.12    Fences, walls and hedges.
1117.13    Front yard exception.
1117.14    Yard encroachments.
1117.15    Front yard uses.
1117.16    Double frontage lots.
1117.17    Exceptions to height limitations.
1117.18    Excavations or holes.
1117.19    Drainage channels and floodplains.
1117.20    Outdoor parking or storage of recreational vehicle and equipment.