(a)   Composition: There shall be a City Commission composed of five (5) members: one Mayor and four (4) commission members. Each commission member shall be elected from one of the four (4) districts within the city.
   (b)   Regular elections: The regular election of the City Commission members shall be held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of March in each even numbered year, in the manner provided in this Charter and shall be for four (4) year terms. Regular elections for the Mayor and Commission members representing District 2 and District 3 shall be held in 1996 and every four years thereafter. Regular elections for Commission members representing District 1 and District 4 shall be held in 1998 and every four (4) years thereafter.
   (c)   Residency requirements: Each commission member and candidates for City Commission, must be domiciled for at east one year at the time of qualification as a candidate within the district from which he or she is seeking election and shall be elected from the district in which he or she is domiciled by a vote of only the registered electors residing within that district. If, as the result of the most recent City redistricting, a candidate is not domiciled for one year within the district that he or she is seeking to represent, then the candidate may seek election in the district in which he or she resides at the time of qualification. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes in a district shall be elected. The Mayor shall be domiciled anywhere within the City and be elected at-large. In the event no one qualifies for election for any designated district, a vacancy shall be declared and filled in accordance with Section 3.11 of the Charter.
   (d)   Composition of districts: The City of Pembroke Pines shall be divided into four (4) election districts. The geographic boundaries of the four (4) election districts shall be composed of roughly equal populations, and shall be compact, proportional and logically related to the natural boundaries of the neighborhoods within the City. The principles of nondiscrimination and one person/one vote shall be strictly adhered to. The boundaries of the districts within the limits of the City as now existing are continued and may be amended as provided in Section 3.02(e) of the Charter.
   (e)   Redistricting: Following the decennial census in 2010, and every ten (10) years thereafter, or sooner if it is determined by the Commission that districts shall have become unbalanced due to population shifts, the City Commission shall contract with an accredited four (4) year college or university located within the State of Florida for the purpose of identifying and designating the four (4) election districts within the City of Pembroke Pines. The City Commission shall adopt the redistricting plan as designated, provided that the plan incorporates the principles of nondiscrimination and fairness set forth above. In the event an elected commission member no longer resides in the district from which he or she is elected as a direct result of the revisions to district boundaries in accordance with this section, that Commission member shall complete his or her term. Nothing contained within this section shall be construed to alter residence requirements for any candidate including incumbents, during subsequent regular elections. (Adopted by electorate, 3-13-84; Amendment adopted by electorate, 11-6-84; Amendment adopted by electorate, 3-11-86; Amendment adopted by electorate, 9-1-98; Amendment adopted by electorate, 11-7-06; Amendment adopted by electorate, 11-6-12; Amendment adopted by electorate, 11-4-14)