A.   The establishment and operation of a sexually oriented business shall be permitted only in an industrial light (IL) or industrial heavy (IH) zone, and shall be subject to the restrictions set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 2005-5, 10-12-2005)
   B.   No person shall cause or permit the establishment of a sexually oriented business within one thousand feet (1,000') of another such business or within one thousand five hundred feet (1,500') of any religious institution, school, boys' club, girls' club, or similar existing youth organization, or public park or public building, or within one thousand five hundred feet (1,500') of any property zoned for residential use or used for residential purposes.
   C.   Notwithstanding the distance requirements of subsection B of this section, the location of sexually oriented businesses within retail shopping centers in such zones is permitted where such activities will have their only frontage upon enclosed malls or malls isolated from direct view from public streets, parks, schools, religious institutions, boys' clubs, girls' clubs, or similar existing youth organizations, public buildings or residential districts or uses. (Ord. 411, 8-14-2002)