A. Electrical Code Adopted: All installations in the City of wires and equipment to convey electrical current and installations of apparatus to be operated by such current shall be made substantially in accordance with the National Electrical Code of 1959, as approved by the American Standards Association, relating to such work as far as the same shall cover both fire and personal injury hazards and as the National Electrical Code shall be amended, revised, compiled and published, from time to time, and as such amendments were revised or adopted by the Director of the Department of Law Enforcement of the State of Idaho. (1975 Code § 3-301)
One (1) copy of the above Code shall be on file in the Office of the City Clerk and properly certified as the officially adopted and certified Electrical Code of the City. (1975 Code § 3-302; amd. 1989 Code)
B. Inspection Of Installations: Before any installations as aforesaid are used within the corporate limits of the City, an inspection shall be made by a person designated by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. (1975 Code § 3-303; amd. 1989 Code)