371.01   Compliance with traffic regulations.
371.02    Right of way in crosswalks.
371.03   Pedestrians to use right half of under certain conditions.
371.04   Pedestrians walking on roadways; soliciting rides.
371.05   Drivers to exercise due care.
371.06   Pedestrians to look in both directions before crossing street.
371.07   Diagonally crossing intersections prohibited.
371.08   Crossing at right angles.
371.09   Pedestrians to yield right of way under certain conditions.
371.10   Using crosswalk required at certain intersections.
371.11   Leaving busses.
371.12   Protection of blind pedestrians on public streets.
371.13   Electric personal assistive mobility device.
371.99   Penalty.
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Pedestrian control signals - see TRAF. 313.04
   Boarding or alighting from vehicles - see TRAF. 347.08
   Right of way of school crossing guards and school children - see
      TRAF. 347.18
   Bicyclist to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk - see TRAF. 373.12