A.   All conditional uses which have been legally approved and established shall be permitted to proceed under such approvals, provided that the person, firm, or corporation that obtained such conditional uses have also obtained building permits for all buildings and structures to be constructed within ninety (90) days after the effective date hereof and provided that all construction is completed within six (6) months of the approval of such conditional use, unless the council action approving such conditional use had a longer period of time or unless a time extension is applied for and approved by council.
   B.   A master planned development, a planned area development, or a protected development rights plan, approved prior to the adoption of this title, will guide and control the specific development for such property. The provisions of this title shall apply to the master planned development and the planned area development if the prior plan approval has expired.
   C.   For any building, structure, or development for which plans have been reviewed and/or approved by the town, under the terms of the previous ordinance, the developer has ninety (90) days from the date the town notifies the developer that the plans are approved and/or permits are ready to be issued to pay for said permit and commence construction. Otherwise said building, structure, or development shall be in compliance with this title. (Ord. 03-2005, 9-6-2005)