A.   The provisions of this title shall govern the development and the use of all buildings, structures, and land within the corporate limits of the town of Parker.
   B.   Any use not described and included by this title as being a permitted use, a use subject to conditions, or a use subject to a conditional use permit within a specific zoning district shall be prohibited and is a violation of this title.
   C.   No building, structure, or land shall be used or occupied, and no building, structure, or land shall be developed, and no permit, certificate or license shall be issued for any building, structure, or land unless it is in conformity with all applicable provisions of this title. Any permit, certificate or license issued in conflict with the terms or provisions of this title is subject to revocation and/or work stoppage order.
   D.   All changes to distinguishing traits or primary features or the use of a building or land, as evidenced by increased parking requirements, change of occupancy, change of outside storage, or other features, occurring to existing properties after the effective date hereof shall be subject to all provisions of this title. The use of a building or land shall refer to the primary or specific purpose for which the building or land is occupied, designed, intended, or maintained.
   E.   This title is intended to benefit the public as a whole and not any specific person or class of persons. Although through the implementation, administration and enforcement of this title, benefits and detriments will be enjoyed or suffered by specific individuals, such is merely a byproduct of the overall benefit to the whole community. Therefore, unintentional breaches of the obligations of administration and enforcement imposed on the town of Parker shall not be enforceable in tort. (Ord. 03-2005, 9-6-2005)