A.   Traffic Control Devices:
      1.   Placement Of Signs And Signals: The Police Chief, with the approval of the Council, shall place and maintain traffic control devices, signs and signals when and as required under this title to make effective the provisions of this title, and may place and maintain such additional traffic control devices as he may deem necessary to regulate traffic under this title or under State law or to guide or warn traffic.
      2.   Obedience Required: The driver of any vehicle shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control device applicable thereto placed in accordance with this title unless otherwise directed by the police, subject to the exceptions granted in this title or by State law. (1988 Code § 12-2-4)
   B.   Authority To Designate Crosswalks, Establish Safety Zones And Mark Traffic Lanes:
      1.   The Police Chief is hereby authorized, on approval by the Council:
         a.   Crosswalks: To designate and maintain, by appropriate devices, marks or lines upon the surface of the roadway, crosswalks at intersections where, in his opinion, there is particular danger to pedestrians crossing the roadway and at such other places as he may deem necessary.
         b.   Safety Zones: To establish safety zones of such kind and character and at such places as he may deem necessary for the protection of pedestrians.
         c.   Traffic Lanes: To mark lanes for traffic on street pavement at such places as he may deem advisable, consistent with this title.
      2.   The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to school crosswalks and school zones. (1988 Code § 12-2-5)
   C.   Turning Markers:
      1.   Authority To Place: The Police Chief is authorized to place markers, buttons or signs within or adjacent to intersections indicating the course to be traveled by vehicles turning at such intersections, and such course to be traveled as so indicated may conform to or be other than as prescribed by law.
      2.   Obedience Required: When authorized markers, buttons or other indicators are placed within an intersection indicating the course to be traveled by vehicles turning thereat, no driver of a vehicle shall disobey the directions of such indicators. (1988 Code § 12-2-6)
   D.   Restricted Turn Signs:
      1.   Authority To Place: The Police Chief, on approval by the Council, is hereby authorized to determine those intersections at which drivers of vehicles shall not make a right turn, left turn or U-turn and shall place proper signs at such intersections. The making of such turns may be prohibited between certain hours of any day and permitted at other hours, in which event, the same shall be plainly indicated on the signs, or such signs may be removed when such turns are permitted.
      2.   Obedience Required: Whenever authorized signs are erected indicating that no right turn or left turn or U-turn is permitted, no driver of a vehicle shall disobey the directions of any such sign. (1988 Code § 12-2-7)
   E.   Obedience To Signs; Corner Cutting Prohibited: Whenever traffic signs are erected as provided in this title, every driver of a vehicle shall obey such signs unless directed to proceed by the police or a traffic control signal. No driver shall drive upon or through any private property such as an oil station, vacant lot or similar property to avoid obedience to any regulation included in this title. (1988 Code § 12-2-11)



2. ARS § 28-641 et seq.