(A)   The city shall henceforth provide a solid waste collection and disposal service in and for the residents of the city, and the City Council is hereby empowered to enter into those contracts with other governmental entities, individuals, or corporations as may be necessary to provide solid waste collection and disposal service, all or any part thereof.
   (B)   The City Council is hereby empowered to establish, by its own resolution, rules and regulations as are necessary to effect and achieve the intents and purposes of this section, and to provide for and establish penalties, not to exceed $100 for each offense or violation of those rules and regulations and of this section.
   (C)   It shall, from and after the effective date of this section, be unlawful for any person, company, corporation, or entity to engage in or provide solid waste collection service within the corporate limits of the city without first obtaining a permit or license from the City Council, as it shall in its discretion issue.
(Ord. 185, passed 12-17-1974)  Penalty, see § 53.99