(A)   The City Manager shall be responsible for administering the provisions of this chapter and shall have the following duties:
      (1)   Ensure notices are given to the public and each franchisee as required herein and by FCC regulations;
      (2)   May submit requests for information to the franchisee and establish deadlines for response to them, as provided in § 65.007;
      (3)   May waive any provision herein, for good cause, or extend any deadline for filing or response, except as to such matters that are mandatory under FCC regulations;
      (4)   Shall rule on any request for confidentiality; and
      (5)   Shall prepare the recommendations to the Board of Commissioners contemplated by § 65.004 - 65.005.  If the City Manager recommends that any increase be denied in whole or in part, he shall:
         (a)   Propose a rate and explain the basis for his recommendation; propose that rates remain at existing levels;
         (b)   Recommend whether and on what basis refunds should issue; and
         (c)   Notify the franchisee of his recommendation at the time it is submitted to the Board of Commissioners.
(Ord. 93-44, passed 9-19-93)