(A)   After receiving a rate filing, the City Manager shall promptly publish a notice that a filing has been received and that, except for those parts which may be withheld as proprietary, it is available for public review.  The notice shall state that interested parties may comment on the filing and shall provide interested parties seven (7) days to submit written comments on the filing to the City Manager.  The City Manager shall submit the comments received and its recommendations for action to the Board of Commissioners no longer than twenty (20) days after the filing and shall make those recommendations available for public inspection.  The franchisee may submit a response to public comments or staff recommendations but must do so no later than three (3) business days after the staff recommendations are submitted to the Board of Commissioners.  The response shall be filed with the City Manager, and, if submitted in a timely fashion, the City Manager shall forward a copy to the Board of Commissioners.
   (B)   Within thirty (30) days of the date of the filing, the Board of Commissioners shall issue a written order which may be in any lawful form approving the proposed rate in whole or in part, denying the proposed rate in whole or in part, or tolling the proposed rate in whole or in part.  If the Board of Commissioners tolls the rate, in whole or in part, its written order at a minimum shall explain that it requires additional time to review the rate filing and state that the franchisee may cure any deficiency in its filing by submitting a filing as provided in § 65.005.  With respect to existing rates, tolling means the rates may remain in effect, subject to refund; with respect to rate changes, tolling means the portion of the rate change that is tolled may not go into effect.
(Ord. 93-44, passed 9-19-93)
Cross reference:
   Public records, see Ch. 27