In addition to the provisions in § 33.205, any user who violates the following conditions is subject to discharge termination:
   (A)   Violation of individual wastewater discharge permit or general permit conditions;
   (B)   Failure to accurately report the wastewater constituents and characteristics of its discharge;
   (C)   Failure to report significant changes in operations or wastewater volume, constituents, and characteristics prior to discharge;
   (D)   Refusal of reasonable access to the user’s premises for the purpose of inspection, monitoring, or sampling; or
   (E)   Violation of the pretreatment standards in Division 2 of this chapter. Such user will be notified of the proposed termination of its discharge and be offered an opportunity to show cause under § 33.302 why the proposed action should not be taken. Exercise of this option by the Superintendent shall not be a bar to, or a prerequisite for, taking any other action against the user.
(Ord. 2015-12, passed 8-7-15)